Hallmark's New Gaming Ornaments Include Nintendo Icons


A batch of new video game-themed tree ornaments are joining Hallmark's Keepsakes line just in time for the holiday season. The collection features iconic video game characters and items, including Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Samus from Metroid, and a bunch of Mario characters like Cat Mario and Toad. There's even a Keyblade-wielding King Mickey ornament based on his Kingdom Hearts appearance, plus characters from Minecraft, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing to collect.

Cat MarioGallery

While most of the new Hallmark Keepsake ornaments are static figures or diaromas, the NES, Sega Genesis, and Sega Dreamcast ornaments light up and play music from popular games like Super Mario Bros., Sonic The Hedgehog, and Sonic Adventure, respectively.

Many of these ornaments will release in October, but a few are already available. Check the list below to see all the new video game-themed Hallmark Keepsakes ornaments, along with links to buy or preorder at Amazon.

  • NES -- $20
  • Sega Genesis -- $15.18
  • Sega Dreamcast -- $16.32 ($23)
  • Link -- $22
  • Samus -- $20
  • King Mickey -- $18
  • Mini Eevee -- $10
  • KK Slider -- $20
  • Cat Mario -- $19
  • Mini Toad -- $10
  • Donkey Kong - Mario Kart -- $19
  • Bowser - Mario Kart -- $18.49
  • Super Mario Items Six-pack -- $15.03
  • Minecraft The Nether -- $19
  • Minecraft Ender Dragon -- $19

Amazon also has deals on several of last year's Hallmark Keepsakes video game ornaments, such as Raccoon Mario for $15.30 (normally $18), Sonic the Hedgehog for $12 (normally $18), and Sonic's buddy Tails for $9.48 (normally $10).

If you're looking for figures to display year-round, be sure to check out these adorable Kirby figures from Panpresto releasing in October, and the new Fortnite Funko Pops joining the lineup in the coming weeks.

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