New Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth TGS Gameplay Shows Combat, Chocobos, And Piano Concerts


Square Enix took the stage at Tokyo Game Show 2023 over the weekend to reveal new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gameplay. The footage shows more of the game's open world, combat with free-roaming monsters, and even a piano recital.

The gameplay begins with the party reaching the Grasslands, which is one of the first open world areas of the game. We see Cloud and the party climb over cliffs, find checkpoints while being led by baby Chocobos, and ride Chocobos across the plains.

Final Fantasy VII RebirthGallery

Multiple points of interest show up during the 30-minute session, including Bill's Chocobo Farm and the town of Kalm. At one point, Cloud also meets up with Chadley, who introduces communications towers which can be activated to unlock more of the world map for the player to view.

While out in the field, the team engages multiple enemies in battle, and we see our first glimpse of Red XIII as a fully playable character. We also get to see some of the new team-up Synergy skills, with one showing Aerith imbue Cloud's Buster Sword with magic, which he swings for a powered-up attack.

Finally, the stage show revealed multiple minigames which can be found throughout FF7 Rebirth. Players will find sheet music around the world, which can be taken to a piano and played using both analog sticks. A new card game, Queen's Blood, will be introduced, with cards available throughout the game. Finally, at Bill's Chocobo Ranch, players can control Cloud as he attempts to tame wild Chocobo to deliver back to Bill on the farm.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches exclusively on PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. Preorders are now available at all major retailers and at the Square Enix Store.