The Analogue Pocket Is Getting A Beautiful Transparent Makeover


It's a scientific fact--citation not needed--that the best video game consoles are the ones with transparent shells. At long last, the Analogue Pocket is joining the likes of the PlayStation 2 Slim, Game Boy Color, and original Xbox with a translucent offering that allows you to admire the internal hardware inside of it.

Hot on the heels of the Analogue Pocket Glow, which wrapped the retro gaming handheld in a shell of very luminous plastic that'll be hard to lose at night, Analogue has officially revealed a new line of limited-edition transparent Analogue Pockets. Preorders will open starting September 29 and each model is priced at $250. Or $1,750 if you want a different Analogue Pocket for each day of the week.

Analogue Pocket Transparent EditionGallery

There'll be seven models to choose from, each one sporting a different shell and color. Starting with the Transparent Clear model, the line continues with a darker Transparent Smoke case and extends to red, green, purple, orange, and blue cases. Like previous Analogue Pocket releases, these will likely sell out very quickly. The $250 Analogue Pocket Glow, for example, sold out within mere minutes after preorders went live at the start of September.

Generally considered one of the best modern devices for experiencing Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles, the FPGA-based handheld comes equipped with a sharp 3.5-inch LCD display, 1600x1440 resolution, and a pocket-friendly design.

"The Analogue Pocket is a gorgeous ode to the Game Boy thanks to its elegant design and brilliant display," Steven Petite wrote in GameSpot's Analogue Pocket review. "It offers the best way to play authentic Game Boy cartridges, making decades-old classics look and feel new again. The Pocket is also a dream for those with nostalgia for their favorite childhood Game Boy model, as you can adjust the display to mirror the original consoles...Just like Analogue's home consoles, the Pocket stands out as a premium device that boasts heaps of versatility while remaining authentic to the handhelds it pays homage to."

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